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This site is a fanlisting, which lists only the fans of Salmiac, and it was adopted from Johanna in March 2009.


Salmiakki (Finnish) or salmiak (Danish, Swedish, Dutch) or salmiakk (Norwegian) is a salty confectionery that is popular in the Nordic countries. Many agree that it is an acquired taste and is generally loathed outside of Europe in a similar manner that Marmite is loathed outside of United Kingdom.

When foreigners try salmiakki for the first time, you usually see some strange faces being made because the taste is so unusual and so completely different than anything most foreign people have ever tasted. Despite being called salted licorice, salmiakki doesn't necessarily include that much salt - the salty taste is caused by adding ammonium chloride to the candy. Salmiakki may raise your blood pressure so don't go eating bags of them on a daily basis. Some popular salmiakki candies are Tyrkisk Peber, Halva Salmiakki and Pantteri.

Although salmiakki candy resembles black liquorice in colour, it is flavoured with the salt ammonium chloride and often also mixed with liquorice. The word salmiak(ki) comes from the old Latin name for ammonium chloride, sal ammoniac.

Salmiakki candies are almost always black or very dark brown and can range from very hard to very soft and may be brittle. The other colours used are white and variants of grey. Since pure ammonium chloride is a white powder, the reason why black is the preferred colour for salmiakki is somewhat unclear. It might be partly to provide a "tougher image" for the candies, and partly because of the liquorice used to vary and soften the salty flavour. Carbon black is used as a food colouring agent in these candies.

The canonical shape for salmiakki candies is a four-cornered, diamond-shaped lozenge. This shape is so popular that in Finnish, the word "salmiakki" can sometimes refer to this shape, instead of the candy or the salt it is produced with. For example, Finnish Defence Forces reservist officer students rank insignia are known as "salmiakki"s for their distinctive shape.
Round salmiakki candies are also very common, either disc-shaped or complete spheres.

In addition to being used in candy, salmiakki is also used to flavour vodka, distilled rye brandy and recently, meat ("Salmiakkipossu" is a brand of salmiakki-flavoured pork, probably named as a pun on "Salmiakkikossu", meaning salmiakki Koskenkorva).

Salmiakki is extremely popular in all five of the Nordic countries and in the Netherlands (because of this, the Netherlands have jokingly been called "the sixth Nordic country"). It is uncommon outside Europe, but can be found in many delicatessens.
In many countries, "Salmiakki" is commonly referred to as "Dutch Liquorice" due to above mentioned popularity in the Netherlands.

Source: Johanna's previous listing for Salmiac :-)